European Union

INEA - Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
EU -Research and Innovation
ERA - European Railway Agency
DGMOVE - page on level crossing


UIC - video ILCAD 2014
TrackSAFE foundation


SELCAT - Safer European Level Crossing Appraisal and Technology
PANsafer – Towards a safer level crossing

Innovative human processes

RESTRAIL - REduction of Suicides and Trespasses on RAILway property
UDRIVE - European naturalistic Driving and Riding for Infrastructure & Vehicle safety and Environment
UR:BAN - Urban Spaces: User Centred Assistance Systems and Network management

Integration of security technologies

SECUR-ED – “Secured Urban Transportation – European Demonstration”

Rail Maintenance

INTELLISWITCH - Intelligent Quality Assessment of Railway Switches and Crossings
DESTination RAIL - Decision Support Tool for Railway Infrastructure Managers
MAINLINE – MAINtenance, renewal and Improvement of Rail transport iNfrastructure to reduce Economic and Environmental impacts
CAPACITY4RAIL – Increasing Capacity for Rail networks through enhanced infrastructure and optimised operations
NETIRAIL – Needs tailored interoperable railway

Intelligent transport systems

SEE-ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems in South East Europe
ASSET – Advanced Safety & Driver Support for Essential Road Transport
iHeERO – Infrastructure for Harmonised eCall European Deployment
GEOTRANSMD : Emergency management of transport of dangerous goods by truck

Cooperative systems

COMPASS4D (FP7 CIP) - Deployment of cooperative mobility systems for goods and passenger transport
COVEL : Cooperative Vehicle Localization for Efficient Urban Mobility
SCOOP@F : Test Deployment Project of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems
CVIS - Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems
Drive C2X - Accelerate cooperative mobility
Intersafe-2 - Develop and demonstrate a Cooperative Intersection Safety System
LECROSS- Improving safety at level crossings
SafeRail - proof-of-concept project to improve the safety at Rail Level Crossings
3INSAT - Train Integrated Safety Satellite System