Press Releases, articles and publications

Press release and articles for the project kick-off

Press release and articles for the mid-term conference

Press release and articles for the final conference


Scientific peer-reviewed open access articles published during the project:

  • Havârneanu, G.M., Dreßler, A., Grippenkoven, J., Silla, A, Prieto, E., & Bonneau, M.- H. (2018). SAFER-LC project: Safer Level Crossings by integrating and optimizing road-rail infrastructure management and design. Proceedings of 7th Transport Research Arena TRA 2018, April 16-19, 2018, Vienna, Austria. Zenodo - Link.
  • Silla, A., Virtanen, A., Lehtonen, E., Mesimäki, J., Bialinska, K., Grippenkoven, J., & Dressler, A. (2019). Auxiliary strobe lights improve train visibility. Paper presented at 26th Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress, ITS Singapore 2019, Singapore - Link.
  • Virtanen, A., Silla, A., Jokela, M., & Kauvo, K. (2019). Railroad level crossings and an autonomous vehicle. Paper presented at 13th ITS European Congress, Brainport Eindhoven, Netherlands - Link.
  • Dreßler, A., Silla, A., Kortsari, A., Havârneanu, G., Whalley, S., & Grippenkoven, J (2020). Human-centered measures to enhance safety at level crossings. Transport Research Arena 2020, Helsinki, Finland. (Conference cancelled due to COVID-19, book of abstract and articles published)
  • Carrese, S., Petrelli, M., Renna, A. (2020). Safety at LCs in Italy: evidence from the Safer-LC Project. In Transportation Research Procedia vol. 45 pp.562-571 - Link.
  • Dreßler, A. & Grippenkoven, J. (in prep.) Look for train: How do low-cost safety measures affect driver behavior at passive road-rail grade crossings?

Other publications published during the project:

  • January 2018: EI – Der Eisenbahningenieur (Railway Engineer): "SAFER-LC:
    Innovative Lösungen für mehr Sicherheit am Bahnübergang“ (SAFER-LC: innovative solutions for enhanced safety at level crossings) – introduction of the project (DLR)
  • November 2018: Intelligent Transport magazine - safety & security supplement: Common article with SAFER STRIP and SAFE TEN-T (UIC).
  • September 2019: periodica polytechnica ( - “Analysis of in-vehicle warning system for Rail-Road Level Crossings. Case study in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.” (CERTH) - Link.
  • January/ February 2019: S+D Signal und Draht – “Performance indicators for innovative safety measures at Level Crossings“ (DLR).
  • April 2020: Global Railway Review – Article on Level crossings including information on SAFER-LC (UIC) - Link.
  • June 2020 : Transportation Research Procedia - "Estimating time of arrival of trains at level crossings for the provision of multimodal cooperative services (CERTH) - Link.