SAFER-LC Online Final conference, 22 April 2020 from 11:00 to 16:30

Introduction speeches

Keynote address from EC Claudia Ciuca, project officer
Keynote address from UIC François Davenne, UIC General Director
Keynote address from ERA Vojtech Eksler, Economic evaluation officer
Overview of SAFER-LC project UIC – Marie-Hélène Bonneau

SAFER-LC toolbox

Training on SAFER-LC toolbox UIC, Grigore Havarneanu

SAFER-LC key results, recommendations and next steps

LC in Europe and beyond VTT, Anne Silla
Human Factor at LC FFE, Aida Herranz
Smarter LC: Development and integration of technical solutions CEREMA, Louahdi Khoudour
Lab tests, field implementation and evaluation CERTH-HIT, Josep Maria Salanova Grau
Cost-Benefit Analysis and final recommendations IFSTTAR, Mohamed Ghazel and Ted Zotos, IRU Projects

Innovative solutions beyond the project

Japan East Railways Masayoshi Toyohara
FRA - US Department of Transportation Francesco Bedini Jacobini and Starr Kidda


Conclusion UIC, Marie-Hélène BONNEAU

Press Releases and articles

UIC Press release in English link
UIC Press release in French link
UIC Press release in German link
FFE Press release in Spanish link
VIA LIBRE daily magazine in Spanish link
Spanish Railways Technological Platform (PTFE) weekly bulletin link
International Railway journal (IRJ). (29 April 2020) link

Poster Session