No Deliverable name WP no lead participant Dissemination level
D1.1 Analysis of level crossing safety in Europe and beyond 1 FFE PU
D1.2 Level crossing accidents and factors behind them 1 VTT PU
D1.3 Needs and requirements for improving level crossing safety 1 UIC PU
D2.1 State of the art of LC safety analysis: identification of key safety indicators concerning human errors and violations 2 FFE PU
D2.1 appendix Bibliographical database 2 FFE PU
D2.2 Human factor methodological framework and application guide for testing (interim report) 2 UIC PU
D2.3 Definition of new human centred low cost countermeasures 2 DLR PU
D2.4 Evaluation of new human centred low cost measures 2 DLR PU
D2.5 Human factor methodological framework 2 UIC PU
D3.1 Proof-of-concept on data acquisition platform for risk evaluation and AID systems 3 CEREMA PU
D3.2 Report on communication and warning system 3 IFSTTAR PU
D3.3 Guidelines for installation of smart sensors for monitoring of LC infrastructure 3 NTNU PU
D3.4 Report on risk evaluation system and use cases for pilot test 3 UTBM PU
D3.5 Report on smart detection system 3 CEREMA PU
D4.1 Implementation guidelines 4 DLR PU
D4.2 Evaluation framework 4 DLR PU
D4.3 Pilot operation report 4 UNIROMA3 PU
D4.4 Results of the evaluation of the pilot tests 4 VTT PU
D5.1 Adopted cost-benefit analysis approach 5 IFSTTAR PU
D5.2 Proposal of standards for data interoperability and communication 5 IFSTTAR PU
D5.3 Business models for safer LC innovative solutions 5 IRU PU
D5.4 Recommendations for national policy and regulations regarding the LC from the infrastructure point of view 5 UIC PU
D6.1 Website and Private Workspace 6 UIC CO
D6.2 4-page Brochure (project presentation in English) 6 UIC PU
D6.2 in Spanish 4-page Brochure (project presentation in Spanish) 6 UIC PU
D6.3 Communication and Dissemination Plan 6 UIC PU
D6.4 Exploitation Plan – First version 6 COM PU
D6.5 Communication and Dissemination activities (mid-term report) 6 UIC PU
D6.6 Exploitation Plan – Updated version 6 COM PU
D6.7 Online toolbox 6 UIC PU
D6.8 Recommendations Brochure 6 UIC PU
D6.9 Communication and Dissemination activities (final report) 6 UIC PU
D6.10 Exploitation Plan - Final version 6 COM PU
D7.1 Project management and quality assurance plan 7 UIC CO
D8.1 Humans - Ethical requirements 8 UIC CO
D8.2 Protection of personal data - Ethical requirements 8 UIC CO